The Feature Hunt was On

Studying in Wilson Library

Today our instructor assigned our class to “go out and shoot a feature picture on deadline with a very short turn around” of people studying, enjoying the weather or participating in a campus event.

Nervous, I dashed outside with my fellow classmates and searched the area around the WWU Communications building for photo ops. There were several great photo ops within sight of the building, but several of my fellow classmates were already taking photos of students studying next to or upon the grassy green near the unique art thing entitled, I believe, “The Stairway to Nowhere.”

This was not good, I needed to be “far from the maddening crowd” of student photojournalists and headed toward the infamous Red Square to ferret out unsuspecting students. My first victim, I mean photo-op, was of a young female student sitting on a bench with her notebooks, laptop and books spread all over the top of the table in front of the bench. From then on it became, for me, more like a game as well a great way to meet people I would not ordinarily meet.

Studying on a bright and surprisingly sunny day in Bellingham.

What I learned today in today’s feature picture deadline as is that I love the thrill of going out and finding photo ops. Also, it is fun and exciting (yes, I live life in the fast lane) to download my photos and make adjustments using Adobe Photoshop to make my pictures “pop!”

About WriterSan

I look for the truth in all things and search for "Perfect Cupcake." (Which I did find once, but my daughter ate it before I could immortalize it in a photo.)
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