Adobe Photoshop and Me


(c) Sandra ReesBowen

This was quite the interesting project. I learned to use Adobe Photoshop; how to crop and lasso areas I wanted to delete. Learned layering in Photoshop, erasing unwanted images, typing text and adjusting text shape and size, and moving my layers around to obtain a more or less pleasant balance of my project.

HOWEVER, I also discovered that when one uses a Mac Computer in one of the campus computer labs, that the Mac or Mac mouse may or may not work. Fortunately, at some computer lab locations there are lab techs available who can help those unfortunate students for whom the Mac or mouse is misbehaving.

About WriterSan

I look for the truth in all things and search for "Perfect Cupcake." (Which I did find once, but my daughter ate it before I could immortalize it in a photo.)
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