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One can learn the basics of photography and photojournalism in a class, but once that class is over your education as a photojournalist/photographer should not end there. There is always a new or different photo-technique to discover, new photographic equipment to check out, and perhaps an unusual photographic technique that could be helpful in having giving your photo that little bit extra for you to make your photograph positively memorable.  Below are a few of the photojournalism and photographic websites of note:

The New York Times Blog – LENS, Photography, Video and Visual Journalism   In this blog, photojournalists/photographers tell their story behind their photos and what happened after the photo was taken.

Petapixel – Here is where you can find an amazing amount of information about photography in regards to: Equipment, Inspiration, Photographic News, Reviews…and to me the most important, Tutorials and Archives.
– Informative and interesting articles with helpful tips and techniques such as “9-tips for Breaking into Photojournalism.

There are many, many more blogs and websites, even podcasts out there to help the neophyte photojournalist. But, from what I can see, the most important thing for a photojournalist to know is:

1. Is the scene they are contemplating photographing tell the story they want to convey?

2. What is the best camera angle, light, and setting for the story you want your photo to tell?

3. KNOW  YOUR CAMERA’S STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. To take a great photo, you need to know your equipment. As for the best camera to use? To quote, “There is no ‘best camera’ for photojournalists. Or, to put it another way, the best camera for a photojournalist is the one in your hands right now, or when breaking news happens.”





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