It Went That-A-Way

(Photo by S. Rees-Bowen)


What I learned with this particular assignment of taking pictures of moving people/vehicles is that it is tough to accomplish. Not only do you have to have the correct ISO, but the correct shutter speed, aperture size and excellent hand/eye coordination.  I am not exactly happy with the photos I took for t his assignment, but I did learn a lot of what do and what not to do.

It was exciting and a little frustrating finding just the right spot to take pictures of motor vehicles driving by that didn’t have a stop light every block and a half. Honestly, I did feel a bit odd taking pictures of moving vehicles and at first felt kinda like a stalker. But then I realized that I would only take photos in one spot for a few minutes and then move on, so that would ally the suspicions of any who were wondering why I was taking their picture.

Anyway, I will be practicing on my own and learn how to take good (if not excellent) action shots. The next two assignments are even more challenging.  Bring it on!

(Photo by S. Rees-Bowen)

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I look for the truth in all things and search for "Perfect Cupcake." (Which I did find once, but my daughter ate it before I could immortalize it in a photo.)
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